The Lodge

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32-34 Lark Lane, Liverpool, L17 8US

0151 727 6636

Mon - Thur 12pm - 12am, Fri - 12pm - 1am, Sat 10.30 - 1am, Sun 10.30 - 12am

Lively pub, open later than most on the lane. Serving up cask ales, lager, wine, cocktails and sumptuous pub grub. The Lodge has DJs late on weekends, open mic nights, live music and is also a great place to watch live sports.

RegularCASK ALE favourites include :

Hawkshead, Timothy Taylor, Theakston’s and Deuchars.
Food is served daily until 9pm and 8pm on Sundays.

  • Beer garden
  • Free wifi
Average Rating star_normalstar_normalstar_normalstar_normalstar_normal out of 3 reviews

3 Reviews

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  1. The Staff are very friendly and prices are reasonable for the area. They do have most of the football matches albeit sometimes on a foreign channel But FOR GODS SAKE put the heating on! It is bloody freezing in there. I was there boxing day last and had my big winter coat and woolly hat on and was still freezing. Surely that’s not right. I should be able to sit in comfort without having to wear my outside clothes inside shouldn’t I?

    December 27, 2013 at 1:35 pm
  2. Teresa Jones

    I wen’t here on Sunday with a couple of friends for a sunday roast.

    I am happy to drink there because it has a pleasant atmosphere but I can’t say the roast was anything to be happy about. The nutroast was very dry and tasted strange and all of the vegetables were hard. Roasites were ok I suppose.

    So yeah. Good for pricey drinks but not so good for roast.

    April 5, 2013 at 4:45 pm
  3. Judy Mazonowicz

    Had a couple of really good meals here recently. Good pub atmosphere with a really good nut roast – I presume the meat is as good. Spent more than I wanted the first time – that’ll be the bottle and a half of wine and three beers!
    Wish they’d open the bar in the dining area……..
    Good eclectic music and ability to see the match Sunday without being too overcrowded.
    Garden excellent when sun shines!
    Just a little bit pricier that some places but worth it for the atmosphere in the afternoon….. not sure how I feel about nighttime………………. hope to let you know soon.

    October 14, 2012 at 9:47 am

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