Al Dente

1 Lark Lane, Liverpool L17 8UN, UK



9am-11.30pm daily

Al Dente Restaurant has been serving to its guests for over 20 years in different locations. The last destination is Lark Lane where is the perfect destination of the Liverpool for the discerning diner. We are bringing together the great Mediterranean cuisine with a delicious gin cocktails at an animated atmosphere.

Al Dente Restaurant Delivery & Takeaway Menu
V: Vegetarian VE: Vegan
Bruschetta (V) (VE)
On crostini bread topped with beef tomato, garlic, red onion & basil 
£ 4.25
Grilled Spicy Sausage
Grilled spicy sausage served on crispy salad & house dressing
£ 5.45
Deep fried squid with house salad, tartare sauce and sweet chilli sauce
£ 5.45
Prawn and Avocado Salad
Prawns and avocado on crispy salad with Florida dressing
£ 7.95
Halloumi Fries (V)
Fried halloumi served with tahini sauce
£ 4.95
Garlic Mushroom (V)
Pan-fried garlic mushroom in creamy mustard sauce served with crostini
£ 5.45
Crispy fishcake on a bed of house salad with sweet chilli and tartare dip
£ 5.45
Parma Ham Crostini
Baby mozzarella wrapped with Parma ham served on house salad and crispy pancetta
£ 5.95
Creamy King Prawns
Breaded spicy prawns served on crispy salad and sweet chilli sauce
£ 7.95
Selection of cold Italian meats
PASTA (Available Gluten Free or Vegan Options)
Arrabbiata (V) (VE)
Pasta with garlic and tomato sauce
£ 7.95
Traditional Italian ragu cooked using 100% mince steak meat
£ 9.45
Pasta with bacon, egg & parmesan cheese in a creamy sauce
£ 8.45
Linguini Salmon
Linguini pasta served with salmon, mushrooms, onion, garlic in a creamy dill and saffron sauce
£ 9.95
King Prawn Linguini
Linguini pasta served with king prawns, red pepper, onion, chilli, garlic and dill sauce
£ 11.95
Oven baked pasta layers with meat sauce, béchamel sauce topped with parmesan cheese
£ 9.95
Vegetarian Lasagne (V)
Oven baked pasta layers with mixed vegetables and béchamel sauce topped with cheese
£ 9.95
Pollo Picante
Penne pasta served with diced chicken, peas, mushrooms, sweetcorn, chilli flakes in a creamy sauce
£ 9.45
Margherita (V)
Mozzarella and fresh basil on top of our homemade tomato sauce
£ 7.45
Marinated chicken strips, sun-blushed tomato, roasted peppers on base of mozzarella and tomato sauce
£ 9.95
Hawaiian Pizza
Ham and pineapple on base of mozzarella and tomato sauce
£ 9.45
Al Dente Pizza (V)
Goat cheese, caramelised onion, fresh rocket on base of mozzarella and tomato sauce
£ 9.45
Italian pepperoni, caramelised onion, chilli, mozzarella and tomato sauce
£ 9.45
Pizza Carbonara
Crispy bacon, pancetta, creamy egg yolk and parmesan cheese
£ 11.95
Classic Veg (V)
Roasted peppers, onion, chilli and parmesan, mozzarella and tomato sauce
£ 8.95
Mediterranean Pizza
Prawns, gorgonzola on a base of Margherita Pizza topped with fresh rocket
£ 9.45
Calzone Capri (V)
Mushroom, goat cheese, pesto, spinach mozzarella topped with tomato sauce
£ 11.95
Calzone di Carne
Chicken, ham, pepperoni, mushroom and mozzarella topped with Bolognese sauce
£ 13.95
Sirloin/Ribeye Steak
Choice of your steak served with fried & peppercorn sauce
£ 17.95
Lamb Shank
Oven roasted shanks on bed of mash potatoes with rosemary mint gravy
£ 13.95
Chicken Shish
Marinated cubes of chicken on tortilla with house salad and rice
£ 13.95
Grilled Duck
Grilled duck served with roast potatoes and orange brandy sauce
£ 15.95
Seabass with Pernod Sauce
Pan-fried seabass in creamy mushroom and pernod sauce on bed of green beans
£ 15.95
Pollo Funghi
Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce on bed of green beans
£ 13.95
Lamb Chops
Rosemary marinated lamb cutlet on tortilla with house salad & rice
£ 14.95
Pollo alla Milanese
Breaded crispy chicken breast served with spaghetti arabbiata
£ 14.95
Grilled Salmon
Grilled salmon on bed of mash potatoes, lime and dill sauce
£ 13.95
Peri Peri Chicken
Half a roast chicken with medium peri peri sauce served with fries & salad
£ 13.95
Mushroom Bruschetta (VE)
On crostini topped with pan-fried wild mushroom, garlic, onion and chilli
£ 5.25
Vegan Burger (VE)
Plant-based vegan burger served with crispy sweet potato fries
£ 9.95
Baked Aubergine (VE)
Oven baked aubergines with tomato, basil and Parmesan cheese
£ 8.95
Vegan Pizza (VE)
Grilled vegetables, garlic, chilli, and olives on a base of hummus and tahini sauce
£ 9.95

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