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Tues-Sun 4.30pm till late, closed Mondays.

Cypriana serves classic Greek dishes with Cypriot flavour, the secret is in the seasoning. This family run restaurant since has been open since 1989 and one of the most popular dishes is the Mezedes (Greek banquet) a 15 course hot and cold starters and charcoal-grilled meats. Cypriana is a small and intimate restaurant with no shortage of Greek and Cypriot wines and beers. Portions are generous and the place is full of atmosphere.

Mains range between £8.95 – £19.95

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Greek Meze Special
17 dishes £17.95pp and free half carafe house wine per 2 people
Available from 4.30 until late 6 days a week

£11.95 2 course meal
Sunday – Thursday 4.30 – 8.30
Friday – Saturday 4.30 – 6.00


Pitta Bread £1.00
Garlic bread – Plain £3.00 / with feta cheese £3.50
Fresh Potato Salad £3.00 with fresh coriander
Tahini £3.00 – Sesame seeds, garlic and lemon
Hummus £3.00 – Traditional Chick pea hummus dip
Tzatziki £3.00 – cucumber, yoghurt, fresh mint
Taramosalata £3.00 – Cod roe dip
Halloumi £3.95 – Grilled Greek cheese
Feta Cheese £3.50
Greek Salad (small) £3.50
Large £4.50
Garlic Mushrooms in a garlic and cream sauce £4.50
Beetroot with garlic and olive oil £3.00
Olives £2.95
Chicken skewers with a sweet chilli dip
Pork skewers with a sweet chilli dip

Traditional Greek sausages homemade with herbs £4.95

Keftedes £4.50
Greek meatballs in tomato sauce (pork mince)

Louganika £3.95
Smoked sausage grilled (your choice of mild or spicy )

Lounza £3.95
Smoked fillet of pork grilled

Dolmades £4.00
Vine leaves stuffed with mince pork rice and herbs

Chilli prawns £5.50

Whitebait £4.50

Kalamari £4.95
Delicious deep Fried squid

Grilled King Prawns £5.00

Garlic King Prawns £5.50

Sardines (2 in a portion) £4.50
Drizzled in olive oil and lemon


Halloumi and vegetable skewers £10.95
Yiyantes Beans £11.00 – giant baked beams
Fasolaki Plaki £9.50 – green beans cooked in tomato sauce and sage
Vegetarian Moussaka £10.95 – a vegetarian twist on the classic Greek dish
Yemista £11.50 – perfect peppers stuffed with rice and herbs and topped with feta

All main courses are served with chips, rice and salad.


Pork Kebab £10.95 – pork skewers charcoal grilled
Lamb Kebab £12.95 – lamb skewers charcoal grilled
Chicken Kebab £11.95 – chicken skewers charcoal grilled
Sheftalia £11.50 – nicely spiced homemade geek sausages

Giant mixed kebab £14.95
3 skewers of your choice from succulent lamb, pork or chicken

Moussaka £11.95
Mincemeat with aubergines, courgettes, sliced potatoes topped with cheese

Kleftico £12.95
Lamb shank on the bone slow cooked in the oven with spices

Afelia £11.50
Pork cubes cooked with coriander and wine

Stiffado £11.95
Cubes of Beef cooked in wine and onions

Keftedes £9.95
Tasty meatballs in a tomato sauce

Dolmades £9.95
Vine leaves stuffed with pork mince rice and herbs

Steak Diane £13.95

Sirloin Steak £12.95

Peppered Steak £13.95
Cooked in brandy sauce and cream

Lamb Chops £12.95
Charcoal grilled lamb chops

Mixed Grill £12.95
One skewer of chicken and pork kebab, shaftalia, lamb cutlet, halloumi, lounza


Chicken Aphrodite £12.95
Chicken fillets cooked with ouzo, Mushrooms Cream and Tarragon

Cypriana chicken £13.50
Fillets of chicken cooked in brandy, fresh cream and parsley


Sea Bass £14.95
Whole sea bass oven baked just for you

Sardines £10.95

Garides sakanigis £13.95
King prawns grilled in garlic, tomato, parsley, peppercorns and feta

Kalamari £11.95
Squid sliced and marinated in white wine then coated in flour and deep fried

Salmon £11.95
A tender piece of salmon cooked to perfection

Garlic king prawns £13.95
King prawns cooked in wine garlic and cream

Grilled king prawns £12.95
King prawns in a beautiful garlic sauce

Seafood mixed grill £14.50
The ultimate for fish lovers, salmon, sardines, calamari and grilled king prawns all served on the one plate

Children’s menu is under 12’s only

4 vine leaves- stuffed with pork mince meat and herbs £6.50
4 Greek meatballs- pork mince meat with herbs and spices covered in a tomato sauce £6.50
4 Garlic king prawns £7.95
4 grilled prawns £7.50
Calamari £6.95
Chicken or pork kebab £7.50
Lamb kebab £7.95

(All childrens dishes include chips rice and salad)


Baklava £3.00
Sweet pastry made of chopped nuts layered with filo pastry, sweetened with syrup
Chocolate Fudge Cake £4.00
Greek yoghurt topped with delicious honey and nuts £4.00
Cypriana ice cream mess for 2 people £6.95
Ice Cream £3.50
(Various Flavours)
Desserts Served with ice cream or fresh cream 50p extra

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Retsina (Very Dry) £15.00
Aphrodite (Dry) £14.00
St. Pantelelmon (Medium Sweet) £14.00
Makedonikos (Dry) £14.00

Makedonikos (Rose) £14.00

Othello (Smooth Full Bodied) £15.00
Makedonikos (Fruity) £14.50

(Red ,White and Rose)
Carafe £14.00
Half Carafe £7.00
Glass £3.45
Large Glass £5.50

MOET AND CHANDON Champagne £40.00

MIXERS £0.75
Ouzo £2.50
Whisky £2.50
Gin £2.50
Vodka £2.50
Bacardi £2.50
Malibu £2.50
Martini £2.50
Jack Daniels £2.70

Lager (Pint) £2.60
Lager (1/2 Pint) £1.30
Peroni £3.25
Corona small £3.25
Corona large £5.95
Keo (Small) £3.00
Keo (Large) £5.00
Koppaberg £3.45

Ameretto £2.50
Tia Maria £2.50
Benedictine £2.50
Southern Comfort £2.50
Baileys £2.50
Sambuca £2.50

Lemonade £1.50
Still Water (bottle) £1.50
Sparkling water (bottle) £1.50
Coke £1.50
Diet Coke £1.50
Selection of Fruit Juices £1.50
J2O £1.95

Greek Coffee £1.95
Tea/coffee £1.50
Cappuccino £1.95
Liqueur Coffee £3.95
Frappe (iced coffee) £2.00

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3 Reviews

  1. Andy Brennan

    Love it in here. We like to try most of the places along lark lane but we find ourselves coming back here. We usually get the meze which is cheaper than most the Greeks that we normally get around to. Service is always spot on and food is best on the lane me and my wife think

    February 5, 2017 at 4:27 pm
  2. Denise Shellshear

    Fabulous food wonderful staff was there 8th January 2015 would definitely recommend to anyone xxxx

    January 9, 2015 at 9:49 pm
  3. Donna

    Easy to miss this small and cosy place but it was a wet and windy Saturday night and me and my boyfriend were hungry glad we came here though got the Meze which was great value with wine included in the price as well we were both stuffed to the brim with all sorts of Greek dips meats and calamari and feeling a little tipsy left our lovely waitress a fiver tip for her great service. Found a little gem on lark lane at last

    October 20, 2013 at 5:07 pm

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