Independent places to eat on Lark Lane

Are you wondering which are the independent places to eat on Lark Lane? There are probably a few eateries that you didn’t even know had sister properties or were part of a small chain. This list is purely informational!

As always, if you find anything incorrect or needing further details, please get in touch.

One Of A Kind – aka independent

Bistro Noir
Greendays Cafe
Keith’s Wine Bar
Love & Rockets
Meat Factory
Medjool Bistro
On The Pallet
Red Fort
Shah’s Balti House
The Lodge
The Moon and Pea (and a deli across the road)

Plus One

Al Dente – second property in Wallasey
Chy – second property in city centre
Elif – second property in Childwall
Esteban (same owner as Marantos)
Tea House – second property in city centre

More Than One

Chilli Banana + 3
Milo Lounge + 67
Raggas +2 (one on Smithdown Road and in city centre)
The Albert (Stonegate Pub Company)

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