Lark Lane Documentary (2009)

Honey Crespo, an award winning filmmaker, got in touch with LLG to share a video documentary she had made a few years ago while she was at university. Filmed in 2009, Honey captured the spirit of the Lark Lane community.

Lovely isn’t it? I had to find out more about the person behind the lens, so we did a little e-mail interview.

LLG: What inspired you to make this film?

Honey: My uni work group wanted to do a documentary about an old fashioned pub and The Albert jumped instantly into my mind. My fiancée worked for about a year as the chef there, back when Neil (the Irish guy) was the manager and Jamie, his mum Vanessa & Charlotte used to work the bar. So I was quite close to the staff, and they let me film with no problems. As soon as I took my mate Leigh to Lark Lane, she fell in love with the place and its people and we decided to change the story to make it about The Lane, not just the pub.

LLG: Can you tell me about your time on Lark Lane?

Honey: I lived near Lark Lane (Parkfield Rd) for about two years from 2006 to 2008 when I moved to Manchester for uni. My fiancée lived there for about four years and knew the area well, when we decided to move in together, we stayed in the area, and I fell in love with the Lane too.

LLG: What were your favourite places to go?

Honey: I really loved Negresco [now The Lodge], I thought though slightly over priced the décor was unique and beautiful but I haven’t been since they changed it. I, of course used to go for a drink to The Albert and we’d end up our boozy outing in the takeaway at the bottom of Lark Lane. I loved Que Pasa Cantina for a lunch bite, The Esteban for Sangria, though, me being Spanish, I wasn’t too thrilled with the “authentic” food. And I absolutely adore Keith’s ambiance for a place to have a chilled drink or a little something to eat. And whenever I could I’d have breakfast (usually Mondays) at Greendays Café.

LLG: Do you still visit Lark Lane?

Honey: Since I moved out of Lark Lane I’ve lived in Manchester & London, but about 5 months ago, we moved back to Liverpool. We are living in Fairfield (money is tight at the moment, and prices near the Lane have rocketed) But we do visit now and then.

LLG: What projects are you working on nowadays?

Honey: After I graduated uni, I won a Royal Television Society Award, a placement with the National Film & TV School, a screening at the British Film Institute’s Future Films, got selected for the BFI’s Next Doc Lab, and I won the Audience Choice Award at the Manchester & Salford Film Society. I have also been screened and nominated in other film festivals nationally and internationally. I started working in a documentary about the long lasting effects of childhood abuse in men. But unfortunately, that came to a hold since I became rather ill, though it is a project I do intend to finish as soon as my health allows me to (fingers crossed) At the moment I am working (very) part time at my fiancée’s restaurant, Chris’ Kitchen at Cellos Bar & Grill, in Woolton Village. We opened up in March this year, so it’s still fairly new. We are still trying to establish ourselves as caterers/restaurant in the area, but we are hopeful. Both of us strongly believe in investing in the community. The only way to help local growth is by spending and investing constantly in Liverpool, a place I am very happy to call home now.

Honey Crespo
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