Made In Liverpool Arts / Crafts Demonstration

On Saturday, 22nd September 2012 during a ‘Made in Liverpool Arts and Crafts’ event at the Lark Lane Art Works place, the public could see local Artist Simon Shaw hand-build some of his instantly recognisable pieces of work. His pieces are finished in gorgeous hues of matt lilac, strong blues or greens, the inside of the pots are finished in a glossy white glaze to attain an attractive contrast. While most of his pieces are thrown on the wheel, for practical reasons his demonstration in the gallery were of hand building various forms. Simon uses stoneware clay with other materials added to again achieve some contrast in his finishes. The pieces would decorate any home beautifully and the bonus is that they are also affordable. It was very refreshing to see a local artist at work and in a local gallery environment. We hope to see plenty more of these in future.

At the moment Simon also exhibits at the Blue Coat Display Centre, the New Brewery Arts, Cirencester and Montpelier Gallery, Stratford Upon Avon.