Family friendly cafe bistro that opened in early 2018. Pippin’s Corner is in the former location of The Moon & Pea and their menu follows in it’s footsteps. They’re open daily, serving a selection of breakfasts, weekend brunches and delicious dinners. In warmer months you can enjoying dining outside and there is frequent live music in the evenings.

Early bird menu between 5-7pm

2 courses £13.95

3 courses £16.95

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  1. Mike Smith
    April 14, 2019 at 4:08 pm

    Visited this cafe this morning and was very dissapointed in the service and the cold breakfast. We were given a table and sat for 10 minutes with food and dirty plates on our table from the previous diners. After 10 minutes we were asked if we would like a drink l ordered 2 cups of tea. The dirty plates were removed but the table was not wiped down. They brought the 2 teas on a tray and placed them on the dirty table which l asked can you wipe the table down please. They places the 2 teas milk and sugar on the table and wiped around them. I picked everything up off the table and asked if they could clean the table properly.
    We were not told that there was over a 45 minute wait for food. We drank our tea and after 20 minutes we ordered more tea. After an hour l asked how much longer we would have to wait for our breakfasts, l was told our food was on its way out. They brought us our 2 breakfasts, we enjoy a cup of tea with our breakfast so l ordered more teas. The beans came in a bowl l took a mouthful of beans and they were stone cold. I complained to the waitress she took my breakfast away and brought it back without the bowl of beans and said they are heating your beans up buthere is the rest of your breakfast back. If l order a breakfast l like to eat it as a breakfast not as individual courses. I took a mouthful and the whole breakfast was freezing cold. I complained to the staff that the food was freezing cold, but l said l am going to eat this breakfast as l am really hungry after waiting for food for over an hour. I took another mouthful of food and it was so cold l could not eat it. I told the manager that l could not eat the food as it was so cold his attitude was if you don’t want it leave it. I will never ever eat in this eatery ever again.

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