Sefton Park Apocalypse 2014 [Fireworks Display]

On November 5th, 2014, we were graced with clear skies and a very nearly full moon. This was the ideal opportunity to ditch the IPhone camera in favour of the “big camera” as I call it. By no means do I claim to be a professional nor do I even profess to be an amateur photographer. I simply like to take pictures, mostly of food and buildings as you probably already know.

Bonfire Night 2014

That was my favourite shot and many of you kindly “liked” this on Instagram. In fact, @avocado_chrissy said that it “looks a bit apocalyptic” and I totally agree! This sent me of into a creative frenzy and the result is the below gallery of the “Sefton Park Apocalypse”. I threw in a couple of sensible (non-apocalyptic) photos at the end for good measure.