Take Part In New TV Food Quiz

Calling all food lovers:

Plum Pictures have been in touch to tell us about their new exciting new TV quiz show which will appear on Channel 4. This is a fantastic opportunity to show us all what you can do and put Lark Lane on the map. Here is what they wrote:

I’m emailing from a television production company called Plum Pictures. We are producing a new Channel 4 food quiz presented by celeb chef Simon Rimmer (Sunday Brunch/ Something for the Weekend). We’re currently looking for people to apply to take part in the show and I thought it may potentially be of interest to you or some of your foodie friends.

In each episode, two teams of two people will compete against one another in a game of knowledge and cooking skill. Quiz rounds will win you ingredients to cook with; answer correctly and you could win a prized ingredient. Answer incorrectly and you might end up with an undesirable ingredient. Once all the ingredients have been won, it’s up to each pair of contestants to create and cook a tasty dish with whatever they’ve won. As we are looking for the most innovative and creative cooking talents, this production could be another way for potential contributors to showcase their skills further to the nation.

If you or anyone you know is interested then please do get in touch. Individuals can request an application form by emailing [email protected]

Here’s the link to our Channel 4 ‘Take Part’ page https://www.channel4.com/programmes/take-part/articles/all/new-food-quiz

Go for it!!