Yum Cha

99 Lark Lane, Liverpool L17 8UP, UK



12 noon to 10pm daily

Yum Cha is an independent family run Asian restaurant in Lark Lane area of Liverpool. Dishing up authentic dim sum and pan Asian big plate offerings, renowned for food and guest experience.

Menu includes an extensive selection of Dim Sum, dumplings, roasted meats, curries and stir fries.

Walk in only (no reservations).



spring roll £4.50
minced pork with a hint of chilli in a
crispy pastry

so choi roll ve £4.00
traditional chinese mixed vegetables in a
crispy pastry

hoisinapp roll £4.50
shredded roasted duck & seasonal salad
drizzled in a hoisin sauce in a crispy pastry

sesame xia qiu £5.00
prawn ball in a golden & blackened
sesame seed

hongshao jirou skewer £5.00
grilled tender chicken skewers drizzled
in a teriyaki sauce

niurou teriyaki slices £6.00
ribeye steak sliced & grilled, drizzled in
teriyaki and sesame seeds. served pink

gyoza £4.50
pan fried minced chicken dumplings,
served with chinkiang vinegar

shengjian bao £4.50
pan fried minced pork baos, served
with chinkiang vinegar & finely
chopped fresh ginger

crispy zaa jau jyu £5.50
crisp fried squid served with a chilli
mayo dip

jiu yim (salt & pepper) ve £5.50
choose from crispy chicken strips,
king prawn or tofu

crispy belly pork £5.00
succulent squares of crispy skinned belly
pork served over a rich soy sauce

salt & pepper ribs £6.00
pork ribs tossed in our signature salt &
pepper with onions & mixed peppers

bbq ribs £6.00
pork ribs tossed in a rich bbq sauce


char siu bao £4.50
fluffy white bun filled with honey
barbequed pork

bbq ji bao £4.50
fluffy white bun filled with honey
barbecued chicken

bbq so choi bao £4.00
fluffy white bun filled with honey
barbecued mixed vegetables

siu mai £4.50
minced pork & prawn siu mai

har gau £4.50
the most famous cantonese dumpling
with prawn & bamboo shoots in a
translucent pastry

xiao long bao £4.50
traditional shanghai soup dumplings with
pork & spring onions in a wheat pastry

chaozhou fun guo £4.50
spiced meat & nut parcel dumpling

so choi dumpling ve £4.00
mixed vegetables wrapped in a
translucent pastry

gern chun ow yuk £4.50
beef dumpling with ginger & spring onion

traffic light dumpling £6.00
2 har gau, 2 jiaozi & 2 so choi dumpling

wonton szechuan ve £4.50
chicken, pork & prawn or veggie
dumpling steamed & tossed in a
szechuan chilli sauce

cheung fun £4.50
our famous steamed rice rolls seasoned
with soya sauce. choose from char siu,
chicken, king prawn or duck

steamed baby ribs £5.00
bite sized pork ribs steamed in a black
bean & chilli sauce

ROAST MEATS from 2pm £9.50



roast duck
roast char siu
roast chicken
crispy belly pork
4 meats £1 supplement


steamed rice
steamed noodle
fried rice 50p supplement
fried noodle 50p supplement


classic soy




roast duck
roast char siu
roast chicken


pork & prawn wonton
chicken wonton
veggie wonton
3 meats £1 supplement

all soups are served with noodles and chinese vegetables


steamed rice ve £2.50
egg fried rice v £3.00
soft fried noodles v £3.00
broccoli in garlic & chilli ve £4.00
kimchi £2.00
fries ve £3.00
salt & pepper fries ve £3.50
prawn crackers £2.50
bbq sauce £2.50
curry sauce £2.50

all meals include rice or fries, fried rice & noodles 50p supplement (excluding fried rice and noodle dishes)

shredded kung pao beef £9.00
crispy beef strips in a sweet spicy sauce

shredded kung pao chicken £9.00
crispy chicken strips in a sweet spicy sauce

white cod, ginger & spring onion £9.50
lightly battered cod served with finely cut ginger & spring onion

sweet & sour fish £9.50
lightly battered cod, peppers & onions in a sweet tangy sauce

beef teriyaki £9.50
pan fried ribeye steak sliced and drizzled in teriyaki sauce & sesame seeds. served pink

beef udon noodles £9.00
stir fried udon noodles with beef & mixed vegetables

chicken katsu curry £9.50
breaded chicken breast with katsu curry sauce served on a bed of rice with a side of kimchi

thai basil chicken B £9.00
sweet & spicy style sliced chicken stir fried with basil, cashew & thai chilli

grilled chicken satay £9.00
sliced grilled chicken breast covered in
a peanut satay sauce
salt & pepper chicken

or king prawn £9.00
chicken or king prawn battered and tossed in our signature salt & pepper with onions & mixed peppers

singapore vermicelli £9.50
stir fried rice noodle with char siu, prawn, chicken & mixed vegetables in a light curry base

singapore fried rice £9.00
fried rice with char siu, prawn & chicken in a curry paste

beef massaman curry £9.00
sliced beef served in a rich fragrant massaman curry which is mild in spice

dan dan noodles £9.00
minced pork & prawn stir fried with egg
noodle & chilli oil

char siu chow mein £9.00
char siu served on a bed of crispy
noodles drizzled in a chow mein sauce
char siu or

king prawn firecracker B £9.00
sliced char siu or king prawn with
vegetables in a rich, spicy & sticky sauce


aubergine & butternut
squash katsu curry v £8.50
breaded & covered in a katsu curry sauce

sweet & sour mix vegetables ve £8.50
mixed vegetables served in a sweet &
tangy sauce

vegetable singapore vermicelli ve £8.50
mixed vegetables stir fried
with rice noodle

salt & pepper tofu ve £8.50
lightly battered tofu tossed in our signature salt & pepper with onions & mixed peppers

vegetable massaman curry ve £8.50
mixed vegetables served in a rich, fragrant massaman curry which is mild in spice

mixed vegetable firecracker B £8.50
mixed vegetables in a rich spicy sticky sauce


nai wong bao v £3.50
a fluffy white bun filled with a warm
creamy custard

hazelnut bao v £3.50
a fluffy white bun filled with nutella

fried nai wong bao v £3.50
deep fried custard bun sprinkled with sugar

fried hazelnut bao v £3.50
deep fried nutella bun sprinkled with sugar

mango pudding v £3.50
smooth & creamy, served with evaporated milk

tiger pint £4.90
tiger ½ pint £2.50
beer lao £3.20
tsingtao £3.20
chang £3.60
saigon beer £3.60
old mout pomegranate
& strawberry cider £4.80


coca cola 330ml £2.10
diet coca cola 330ml £2.10
sprite 330ml £2.10
fanta 330ml £2.10
still / sparkling water 330ml £1.90
still / sparkling water 750ml £3.80
folkingtons orange juice 250ml £2.50
folkingtons cloudy apple juice 250ml £2.50
folkingtons cranberry juice 250ml £2.50
jia duo bao herbal tea 310ml £2.50
vitasoy 250ml £1.80

tea lc gin/honey/teapot bitters/lemon. shaken with whites and served up.
golden hour aperol/yuzushu/prosecco. served in a wine glass over ice.
sugar hill vodka/rose/lychee/lemon. shaken and served long over ice.
midnight marauder whisky/plum/ginger/lemon. shaken with whites and served on ice.
the pharcyde soju/pomegranate liqueur/chilli/yuzu/lime. shaken and served over ice.
candy rain white rum/mango/lime. shaken and served up or blended.
tommy t tequila/lemongrass/mint/lime. shaken and served on ice.
singapore sling gin/cherry heering/benedictine/pineapple/lime. shaken and served long over ice
all whites can be swapped for vegan alternative. classics available on request


WHITE 175ml bottle
pinot grigio (italy) £4.00 £15.50
sauvignon blanc (new zealand) £5.50 £21.00
zinfandel (usa) £4.50 £17.50
pinot grigio blush (italy) £4.00 £15.50
merlot (france) £4.00 £15.50
malbec (argentina) £5.00 £19.50
sparkling rose (italy) £6.00 £24.00
prosecco (italy) £6.00 £24.00

americano £2.50
espresso £2.00
double espresso £3.00
latte £2.75
cappuccino £2.75
flat white £2.75
liquor coffee £6.50
strawberry bubble tea £4.00
mango bubble tea £4.00
bubble milk tea £4.00

TEAS all served in a pot
jasmine tea delicate green tea infused with jasmine. sweet & delicate £3.00
oolong tea known as a blue tea. versatile & pairs well with dim sum £3.00
ginger tea earthy & aromatic. compliments spicy rich dishes £3.00
ginseng & floral tea fruity & vibrant. pairs well with oily dishes £3.00
guest flavours available ask your server £3.00

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5 Reviews

  1. Jody

    We have just had lovely family meal, staff are brill Elliot and Beth was on point., food was lovely service was spot on recommend this place to anyone

    September 23, 2020 at 5:43 pm
  2. Sue Duffy

    We went Wednesday 26/08 very disappointed tiny strips of battered chicken some lumpy rice on same plate 2 thin slice chilli nothing else, it was a full size main meal, worst Asian I’ve had, never again, I always eat on lark lane as I’m a local resident. Would not recommend!!!!

    August 31, 2020 at 6:25 pm
  3. Jen

    Gorgeous food with amazing veggie options!

    August 22, 2020 at 2:14 am
  4. Sally

    Service was not good atall , staff very cold and didn’t reply back to anything we had asked. Felt as if their was a issue when we got their. Ordered lots of starters and half the food came out and then 15 minutes later we still hadn’t had the rest of our food so we asked the waitress she didn’t apologise just turned her Head n brought only one of the other starters we had ordered. We was waiting half a hour for spring rolls we had finished eating so told them to knock it of the bill as we had waited to long. Food was nice but service is shocking wouldn’t go back

    August 10, 2020 at 9:34 pm
  5. Ellie Welsh

    So good especially considering it has only been open for 5 days! Food was gorgeous and prices were just AMAZING. We got char siu chow mien, egg fried rice, soft noodles as well as brocolli in garlic and chilli, for just Under £20!! Portions were a good size, and was enough for both of us. Stay were lovely, the girl who served us named Skye was so kind. Impressed, thank you.

    July 25, 2020 at 1:03 am

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